The Process

In this prayer we pray for God to give us an understanding and the strength to endure the process, that has been elected to manifest our destiny. We are not going to give up! Understanding that a seed must be cultivated and that cultivation is the process through which  the destiny of the seed will be manifested
So God puts you us through a process – because our destiny requires the process to manifest. God has chosen the most excellent process to manifest our destiny.
God is so thorough in the process so he guarantees the outcome.
Don’t be discouraged because you are in the process of the process of the blessing, your miracle is on its way
Understand that it is not about the throne, it is about what is done with the throne. People did not come to see Solomon because of this throne but because of the wisdom that he had. The process is what is going to bring the glory.

I trust him for the process for there is no unrighteousness in him and He is my Rock

Main Scripture

Psalm 92

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