Why we are here

We believe that for generations the church has been reduced to an institution of those that are seeking a feel good message and those that are trying to keep them coming so that the church bills can be paid. We have lost our primary mandate which is to participate in reconciling His creation to His original intent, which is to, rule, reign and exercise dominion over the earth. The Original intent was not for us to rule and reign over each other but for us to be joint rulers over the earth. Rulers who are governed by principles and values communicated to us by the Holy Spirit from God. It will take the manifest sons of God to bring about the realignment to purpose. We feel our call is to actively participate in the manifestation process of the sons of God

The Mandate

In giving His church the mandate, He instructed that we must go out into the world, the highways and the byways to preach the good news (gospel). This Gospel was not only concerning salvation & righteousness but of the Kingdom over which He has total dominion. When this Gospel of the Kingdom, has been preached to all the world then the end shall come.

Our Part

Our Part This site is designed to bring the revelation of the Kingdom to the saints of God. .

To bring an understanding of:

  • kingdom concepts
  • The roles assigned to them by Elo-him
  • How to rule and reign His creation

To challenge

  • humanistic theological positions
  • suppositions
  • irrational belief systems

To facilitate

  • the manifestation of the true sons of God
  • the reconciliation of generations to God’s original intent for man