• Fire Shut Up In My Bones

    He was persecuted for preaching but he could not stop preaching - declaring not his own opinion, but making known what God had revealed to him.

  • Was the Prophet Jeremiah a failure?

    What if the prophet does not perform any miracles - will he still be a prophet. In our eyes will he still be a man of God.

  • Hatred and Anger

    Jacob/Israel did an exceptional job teaching Joseph about God! There is hope It wasn’t hatred/anger that persuaded/motivated Joseph. Don’t let anger/hatred govern your heart. No one could strip the favor of God from Joseph’s life. Joseph found favor with God – look at what favor did in the most dire...

  • Concerning Prayer

    Man ought to pray always, however, prayer does not come naturally. Therefore, it is by the enabling grace of God that we must, as the disciples did, ask our God with all humbleness and humility; LORD TEACH US HOW TO PRAY!

  • Where is your faith?

    Where is your faith? God will respond to Faith! He is the one who knows what real/true faith looks like. Why? Because he is the author and finisher of faith. Simplified, he is the creator/genesis of faith. Faith was his idea from the beginning. In the garden of Eden faith...

  • Faith is a matter of the heart!

    Faith is a matter of the heart! If your understanding of scripture does not bring it into your heart then you have a long way to go. What impresses God the most is faith that is in your heart. Your intellectual ascension of scripture should be matched by the level...

  • Generations will spawn with “limitedness”

    Framed with limitations in every aspect of your life such as economic levels and knowledge reservoirs. Given time you are going to be the role model of success for those that are coming after you.  A true role model? far from it. But  a representation of  limited dreams, goals and...

  • The Shunammite Woman

    2 Kings 4:8-10 (ESV) “8 One day Elisha went on to Shunem, where a wealthy woman lived, who urged him to eat some food. So whenever he passed that way, he would turn in there to eat food. 9 And she said to her husband, “Behold now, I know that...

  • Jesus Knew – But He Came anyway

    Jesus knew that he would be despised, beaten, rejected, spat on, hated, treated as an outcast, condemned and crucified. He knew the brutality of his death. He was fully aware that though innocent he would be convicted and hung among thieves. On the journey to his crucifixion and even as he...

  • When will you turn away from your idolatry?

    When 'holy' men play God, appoint themselves as kingmakers. Deceiving many and glorying in their deception. Believing their own delusions, battling with an imaginary kingdom of darkness which they serve.