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Concerning Prayer

Be honest with yourself as you answer these questions.

  • What role does prayer have in your life?
  • If it is significant, how often do you pray?
  • Do you believe what you pray?
  • Do you believe the one you are praying to?

I hope these questions have provoked some introspection!

Concerning prayer once more! Man ought to pray always, however, prayer does not come naturally. Therefore, it is by the enabling grace of God that we must, as the disciples did, ask our God with all humbleness and humility; LORD TEACH US HOW TO PRAY!

Asking for this learning does not mean you lack faith, it simply means you’ve caught the revelation of the importance of prayer. I dare say every believer has to, at some point in their life, ask for this teaching.

As to the lesson that Jesus taught in response to the request and it’s significance, I compel you by the mercies of God that you make it your prayer for the coming days.

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