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Time:Midnight - 1:00 AM [CST]

Join us on the lifeline prayer line as we come into agreement with heavens for THE WILL of OUR GOD to be done here on earth as it is in heaven. We have seen marriages restored, doors opened and lives changed through prayer.  Yes our God still answers prayer!

Latest Prayer Sermons

Unveiling Your True Value

  1. May-11-12 - The unveiling of your true values - The days of showing

The world or people around you do not know how much you are worth

They have discounted you and discarded you because they have not assessed a higher value on you at all.

Your true worth and value is not in the number of people

That applaud you,
Or regard you as beautiful or as important.

Many of us are trying to increase our value by short selling ourselves hoping to create a demand for our services and thereby increase our worth.