Don’t Cry, Get Up and Go Forward

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You are going to go through this door. No matter what is standing before you, you are going through. If you do not push through it might take many generations to have this door open again. The obstacles before you may seem impossible- don't cry, get up and go forward. It has been opened for you.

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Open Doors

  • The problem is not with God concerning opening doors.
  • Its with man who do not have the courage to walk through it, and with other man who cannot stand to see someone walk through the door that has been opened.
  • Man who feel that it is only they that have the privilege to walk through the door.
  • A point of thought you are not ordained to discourage me from walking through the door God has opened for me.
  • You are not appointed to assess my credentials and qualifications to walk through the door.
  • Some people gain their self worth based on your misery.
  • They do not aspire for greater because for them greater is defined as better than you.
  • As long as I am more blessed than you then it’s ok with me. As long as there is dysfunction in your house, in your marriage in your family in your church then they are ok.


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