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Was the Prophet Jeremiah a failure?

How do we define a prophet as a success or a failure. What if the prophet does not perform any miracles – will he still be a prophet. In our eyes will he still be a man of God. In my contemplation I was drawn to the Prophet Jeremiah. He did not perform any miracles that were noted in his book. If he did perform any miracles, the Holy Spirit made sure that none of those were recorded because he deemed it not necessary to the ministry of the Prophet Jeremiah.

I came across this article which I would encourage you to read and widen your perspective of the prophetic

Was Jeremiah a failure or a success? By common human standards of success Jeremiah was a failure. Unlike Moses, he did not free his people from slavery and he did not bring them to the Promised Land. Unlike Samuel, he did not crown a King David over them. Unlike Elijah, he did not perform miracles such as reviving a dead child or bringing fire down from heaven. Unlike Isaiah, he did not prophesy the defeat of a foreign enemy, namely, Sennacherib, the Assyrian emperor, which came true. He died without any tangible accomplishments and, as was mentioned before, history remembers him as a broken old man who sits on the ruins of Jerusalem and cries (as depicted by many artists, most notably Rembrandt).

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