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Generations will spawn with “limitedness”

Genesis 27: 40 (NKJV)…And it shall come to pass, when you become restless, That you shall break his yoke from your neck.

If what you have been given has been defined as the best that is out there!
If all that you have been given is all that you know.
If all that you have been is all that you have tasted.
If all that you have been given is all that you have see.
If all that you have been given has framed your dreams.
If all that you have been given has fulfilled your ambitions and goals.
Chances are, you are one who is content within a world framed by others for you. Carefully your world has been crafted by others whose ambitions are to limit yours.  Framed with limitations in every aspect of your life such as economic levels and knowledge reservoirs. Given time you are going to be the role model of success for those that are coming after you.  A true role model? far from it. But  a representation of  limited dreams, goals and ambitions that have been redefined as success.

Sans external revelation, generations will spawn with “limitedness” as a noble and worthwhile dream. An external thought must interfaced your world for a disruption, purposed to create a level of dissonance, agitation and restlessness that you may desire  for something greater and better than what you have. You need to move beyond your geography to see different realms of life, thoughts, achievements and processes. You need to go beyond your borders to see realms of possibilities,  inventiveness, creativity and paradigms . It is only then that your aspirations might ascend to higher levels and that you might become a trail blazer for generations after you.

External agents must initiate a hunger and drive in you to dream bigger and to shift you dimensional in your thoughts. Change is not easy but it is necessary.  People that often resist change are ones that are benefiting from the status quo, others that are fearful of change, others that do not see anything else other than what they have, and finally others who are afraid of redefining success in the new worlds.

The reason that you were created with the capacity to adapt is because you were built for change. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. You are an agent of change who must also change otherwise you will become part of the hindering force to the dreams and ambitions of generations.


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