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Jesus Knew – But He Came anyway

Jesus knew that he would be despised, beaten, rejected, spat on, hated, treated as an outcast, condemned and crucified. He knew the brutality of his death. He was fully aware that though innocent he would be convicted and hung among thieves.
On the journey to his crucifixion and even as he hung on the cross he could have summoned the angels to slay all, after all he is the lord of angel armies (the lord of host).
Yet his love for us kept him silent as a lamb being led to the slaughter.

His only words were not against humanity but for the father to forgive because they did not know what they were doing.

He asked for water to drink yet they gave him bitter vinegar when he thirsted. His words were never directed to men but set towards heaven.

He did not ask why man condemned him or rejected him.
THANK YOU JESUS – You didn’t want heaven without us

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